Friday, November 8, 2013

Abby with her map of the USA!
Abby is so excited to color in the states that are participating in her Purple Bag Project. Coming in at #1: Virginia! My dear sweet friend, Amy Meringer Oldknow, made a bag and delivered it to a colleague, whose wife is having her first round of chemo soon. 
Amy's bag!
 Thank you so much Amy! I am excited to see the entire map colored in and the big smile on this little girl's face continue. 

As I write this, Abby is on her way to town because her parents are participating in the Tough Mudder event tomorrow. Abby will be the biggest cheerleader out there. It will be great to see her and let her know how proud I am of her and how her project is inspiring so many others. 
Three days out of treatment #4 and the yuckies are hanging around. The metallic taste in the mouth is yucky. The fatigue is yucky. The lack of energy is yucky. The headache is yucky. This too shall pass and in a few more days it will be rally time! 

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