Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Abby Warren
This is Abigail Elaine Warren and she is on a mission!
Her goal is to deliver chemo care package bags in every state (at least 1,000 bags). 
My sweet granddaughter was full of questions when she found out I had breast cancer. She is curious by nature and her parents are amazingly patient with all her questions and answering them honestly and forthrightly. 
Instead of birthday presents this year, I asked my family and friends to put together chemo care package bags and deliver them to their local treatment facilities. Without question, and with much enthusiasm, my request was granted. 
Abby wondered why everyone who gets chemo couldn't get a care package. Of course the answer is, they could. Since September, Abby has delivered chemo care packages every time I have treatment. I am scheduled every three weeks for treatment of the 3 yucky chemo drugs, and for another 8 months of treatment for just the Herceptin. Additionally, I will undergo 33 consecutive radiation treatments in mid-February to mid-March. 
Last Sunday, November 3, Abby and her mom surprised me by bringing me lunch and care package bags to fill. Abby wanted me to help her fill the bags and requested that I deliver them on Tuesday when I have my treatment. She really wanted to deliver them herself in person, but she has school in Las Vegas! 
The smiles on the faces of the patients was priceless. Once they saw the purple bags, the personal drawing that Abby includes in each one, and the note that is included, every single patient was thrilled and uplifted by the generosity and thoughtfulness of this little girl. 
Lizz, Abby's superhero mom, created a Facebook page with a video and some pictures. In the video, Abby explains why she is doing this project and what her goal is. There are pictures of what goes in the care package bags, and some ideas for notes as well.
To say I am blessed is an understatement. And I am not the originator of this idea. Once I was gifted with these bags, I knew others needed to be as well. There are people all over the world who are fighting this fight with me; keeping my spirits up, sending out good karma and prayers, and doing for others so that more good spreads in the universe. 
Abby is one such person doing that for me and others. What a kid!
Abby and her sister Rachel

A Purple Bag Project party at Abby's house


  1. Hi Lala,
    Glad I get to be the first to post to your blog! Love that you're doing this and love you Bestie! My heart and prayers are with you at all times, please don't forget that!

    1. Thanks Bestie! I know I can always count on you :)

  2. Thanks for posting this blog so we can share Abby's project with others and hopefully achieve Abby's goal and more. You know that you are loved when things like this occur and you are loved!

  3. She is an amazing girl who is learning from one of the best women I know how to love and support other people.