Saturday, May 10, 2014

Survivor's Guilt

She did it!! All 50 states, plus Israel, and over 1,000 bags. Actually, well over 1,000 bags. This girl is one amazing and inspiring individual and I am so blessed that she is also my granddaughter. WOW! 

Face painting at the Wild Animal Park during Spring Break 

Abby and her family were in town over spring break and we went to the Wild Animal Park to see all the babies. Spring time is so much fun there because there are so many babies to see. Plus, there is a butterfly exhibit that only lasts a few weeks (I had no idea that adult butterflies only live 2-3 weeks!). Abby was a little tentative in butterfly exhibit at first, and it was super humid inside, but she eventually liked it. So much so, that she picked a butterfly when it came to face painting later in the morning. 

Spring break has come and gone. The countdown to the end of school is officially in order. Little by little, my energy is returning. Sometimes I get really tired really quickly. Sometimes, if I don't get enough rest, my head hurts all day. A few times, I have had episodes of vertigo, but they pass. And here we are once again waiting for the school year to end.
Sadly, SPHS has lost another Eagle. Larry Carter passed away last night. He was ill for over a year and took some time off last year. And, I can't help but feel guilty. I am alive. He is not. There are so many people who are ill, who are fighting, who are getting better. Yet, he's gone. 
Why do I feel guilty to be alive? To feel well? To be getting better? It's incomprehensible. 

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